Have you ever wanted to feel like a bird gently gliding through the skies. Well it's time for your Kissimmee Balloon Rides Adventure. It's an amazing feeling that I'm sure you will want to do more than once. It's a peaceful feeling that words cannot explain. Calling this just a balloon ride would truly be an understatement. Somewhere between Heaven and Mother Earth lies your Kissimmee Balloon Rides Adventure. Mother Earth is only a few feet below and you can really appreciate her beauty from here.

We offer a Shared Gondola Flight for those that don't mind flying with others. Those choosing this option will receive a great discount. Our larger balloon will hold a maximum of ten (plus your pilot) in the gondola. These flights will be in our new 2013 Partitioned Gondola for your comfort and safety. The FAA has recommended that Balloon Ride Operators that carry more than 4 passengers use a Partitioned Gondola. For more information please see FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin SAIB: CE-10-31, dated May 5, 2010. We also offer Private Charters for those looking for a more intimate or personal flight.


What better way to tour Central Florida. The romance of the gentle giant will leave you breathless. Our scenic flight corridor is around the southwest corner of Disney World in Kissimmee, Florida. We fly from the treetops to a few thousand feet. Many of the area attractions are visible as well as the beauty of Central Florida. We also fly across varied terrain with everything from orange groves to cypress swamps. The smell of the orange blossoms when in bloom is almost intoxicating. Don't forget the camera! The photographic opportunities are endless in any season.

All our balloon flights begin at Sunrise and last approximately one hour, this depends on wind speeds and available landing sites. We have several launch and landing sites in the area. We select these sites depending on wind direction to give you the safest and most memorable flight. Your entire adventure will last about 3 to 4 hours.

Each hot air balloon flight is a unique journey. The winds and your Pilot will guide you to your destination. After your flight we will celebrate with a Champagne and Orange Juice Toast and a few pastries. Included with your Flight Package you will receive a souvenir post card of your balloon.
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